ParadigmContracts is a mono-repo and catch-all name for the Ethereum smart-contracts that comprise the core protocol, and support the OrderStream network. It also contains the contracts that make up the Paradigm settlement platform.

ParadigmContracts can be broken up into two main groups (discussed below); the contracts supporting the core protocol, and an auxillary forwarding contract system and interface dubbed the Paradigm settlement platform.

The Paradigm settlement platform and forwarding contract system is independent of the core protocol, and exists as a helpful tool to manage multiple settlement types with a single interface. The SubContract interface also helps define a common data structure used on the relay network.

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Core protocol contracts

The internal contracts are part of the core protocol, and support network access control, validator selection, and facilitate a variety of economic mechanisms designed to ensure security and state finality on the OrderStream network.

The core contract system includes the ValidatorRegistry which determines the list (including power and slashable stake) of OrderStream validators, and the PosterRegistry which is used to allocate relay network throughput to posters via a market-determined bandwidth model. Additional contracts support the native token system, and general system accounting.

Settlement platform

The sdk contracts make up the Paradigm settlement platform: a simple and extensible forwarding contract interface system that allows a common maker/taker API to used across a variety of settlement logic implementations (such as 0x, Dharma, etc.).

The SubContract and OrderGateway interfaces allow new and existing hybrid-decentralized exchange logic/financial instruments to be traded side-by-side using ParadigmConnect, and establish a common data structure for order messages on the OrderStream.