ParadigmConnect is the primary library for interacting with the Paradigm protocol and settlement platform. It is currently only available in JavaScript. ParadigmConnect provides a convenient way to interface with the Paradigm OrderStream and the Paradigm OrderGateway.

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Current features

ParadigmConnect provides client and server-side utilities for the following actions (all of which can be configured for local and remote OrderStream nodes):

  • Constructing and signing maker orders
  • Signing orders as a poster (for OrderStream submission)
  • Submitting orders to the OrderStream via RPC
  • Subscribing to the OrderStream to parse/process orders

Proposed features

In the future, the library (or related tooling) may be extended to support:

  • Locking tokens to gain write access to the OrderStream
  • Auditing nodes and validators on the network
  • Submitting applications for validators
  • Voting on validator applications

Until then, the above actions must be taken programmatically through libraries such as web3, or interacting with the Paradigm contract system's interfaces manually on services like Etherscan

Issues and proposals

ParadigmConnect is under active development, and at this point should not be considered stable. If you find a bug, inconsistency, or vulnerability please open an issue.

If you encounter errors setting up or running setting up ParadigmConnect, feel free to reach out on our chat server.

ParadigmConnect is open source software, and we encourage the suggestion of improvements and enhancements to the protocol. If you have a suggestion or specification, please submit a Paradigm Improvement Proposal (PIP) or open a pull request.